Sunday Services

People always have lots of questions about Sunday Services, What they are like?, How long do they last? plus lots of other questions. Here are a few things that we hope will help you, especially if you have never been to St Luke’s or if it’s been a long time since you’ve been to church,

Service Times

At St Luke’s we currently have 2 services on a Sunday, a morning service and an evening service. Our morning service starts at 10:00am and finishes around 11:30am. Our evening service starts at 5:00pm and closes just after 6:00pm. After the evening service most people gather in the cafe for some tea or coffee and a chat.

What happens during a service?

Our morning service normally consists of 3 different things. A time of worship, a time where we take communion together and remember what Jesus Christ has done for us, and then a time of teaching where someone will bring a message that is encouraging and helpful for approximately 20 minutes.
Our evening service is a little different, we only take communion on a monthly basis so that those who only attend an evening service have chance to celebrate communion with the rest of the church. At some point in the service there will be a speaker, on other occasions  there might be a film and the church will gather together in the cafe. There may be other occasions where the church will meet together on a Sunday evening for a meal and just to spend some time together.
Whether it is a morning or evening service the one thing we say is that everyone is welcome.

About the music?

St Luke’s is blessed with some great musicians and so you will see guitars and drums and keyboards being used within the service. The music is always upbeat, sometimes quiet and sometimes loud as the church sings a variety of worship songs, some old and some new.
Don’t worry if you don’t know the words to the songs, although we don’t use hymn books the words are always displayed on 2 large screens at the front of the church so you can join in if you choose. 

What kind of church is St Luke’s ?

St Luke’s is a church that is full of people who are exploring and growing their faith in God through His son, Jesus Christ. St Luke’s is also a church that seeks to help the local community through the things it does like the nursery, pre-school, youth programme and cafe.   We are committed to communicating the love of God in ways that people can understand.. We’re not in competition with any other church we are simply seeking to do those things that we believe God has called us to do. Our beliefs are traditional and we teach the Bible to the best of our ability. We’re far from perfect, so if you’re looking for a perfect church, this ain’t it, but we would love for you to come and experience St Luke’s for yourself.