A quick look back at our journey so far

We spend most of our time looking forward, thinking about our hopes and dreams, but what about the past ? Where we started from ! Where we are now. How can we measure where we are without understanding where we have come from ?

St Luke’s Church has been on quite a journey. It started back in the late 20’s when the church was first started by a group of Christians from South Kirkby. They were walking up to 20 miles every Sunday to attend church. They decided they wanted a local church and so the journey began.
Eventually that small group of believers managed to purchase some land on Mill Lane, South Kirkby where they began to build. Mount Carmel Pentecostal Church was built. Local believers from South Kirkby and the surrounding area had a place to call home.
Some years later the church purchased a house for their pastor to live in and the church began to grow. Under the tutelage of Pastor Selwyn Hughes in the 1950’s the church continued to grow. It was during Selwyn’s tenure a great Sunday School was developed as well as many different outreach programmes. Of course Selwyn left and the church continued on with the work albeit without his dynamism.
After numerous pastor’s had come and gone our current pastor, Pastor Martyn Sullivan joined the church in 1992. The church had suffered many problems and still had more to face but stability was needed. By 1996 a new leadership team was in place, the congregation had improved and the church had begun a new journey. During a prayer time Pastor Martyn experienced a vision which he believed was from God showing an angel walking down the main road from South Kirkby to South Elmsall. He believed that God was showing him that the church would move from South Kirkby to South Elmsall. What has followed has been incredible.
In 1996 the first step of that journey was the purchase of the former job centre on Barnsley Rd, South Kirkby. In 2000 the church purchased the former council offices on Carlton Rd, South Elmsall and then in 2014 the church purchased the former Methodist Church on Barnsley Rd, South Elmsall.
Today the church is very different. It has 2 nurseries, a cafe, a youth centre as well as a recording studio. All of those were at one time just a vision, a dream, something that we wanted to do but didn’t have either the space or the money to create. We have indeed come a long way. Of course there is much more to do and many more people need to hear the wonderful gospel message. Looking back and seeing where we have come from and remembering how God has indeed led us and provided for us gives us hope for our future, Why? Because He who promised is faithful.